Aleksandr Kosteckij. Deserted Temple.

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Nam June Paik, Reclining Buddha, 1994

The Flemish style  painter Hans Laagland (b. 1965)

The tattoo plus the piercing plus the scar is so do badass this might be one of my fav pictures ever

Le Sourire, 1931 and the perfect way to relax.
Illustration by  Alberto Fabio Lorenzi

John Collier, Lilith-1887.

John Collier,” Clytemnestra - After the Murder” (1882)

Anonymous asked: I was the one who posted the Tumblr page to Youtube. Though I still find it disgusting you would protest against a talk on suicide without doing any research, I do apologize for leading people here. It was not my intention to have violent threats thrown at you, to do so is no better than the attitude and actions I saw in the video. Ive deleted the link, though like I said, I do not in any way condone the actions seen in the video.

I think it’s important to understand this was not presented as “a talk on suicide” on the posters that were spread across the U of T campus : it was about the “boys’ crisis” - which is a broader range of issues. As we understood it, it was not advertised as a talk specifically on suicide. Now, as you may or may not understand, Warren Farrell made several inflammatory comments regarding child sex abuse. This is a very contentious issue for obvious reasons.

For this reason, while I likewise do not condone the actions of some protesters among us, I can’t blame them. I do feel sympathy for those who have had a loved one commit suicide, and I believe they should be able to seek answers without harassment. However, say the young woman in the video, shouting at the attendees, suffered the sort of abuse that Warren Farrell may seem to condone in his writings (which is a very likely possibility): would she be wrong to be enraged at those who could be taking his writings to heart? The MRA completely whitewashed this aspect of Warren Farrell’s writing and painted us as hysterical morons screaming at men who wanted to listen to a talk about suicide.

The most disgusting part of it is that even those of us who were respectful and did not engage with attendees or participate in the human barricade were doxxed and subject to harassment. A year and a half after the protest, which I attended as a fifteen year old, I’m still receiving rape threats thanks to your carelessness. Try not to be such a knucklehead next time you decide you want to target somebody.

Anonymous asked: "I wanted answers why my friends committed suicide." You laughed at him. How do you sleep at night. I really want to know how scumbags like you sleep at night.

apparently my tumblr account was published somewhere concerning a protest i attended two years ago and a bunch of weird little nerds like this have been sending me messages accusing me of hurling insults and threatening to assault attendees of an MRA speech. joke’s on them because p much the entire time i was just sitting around the back listening to socialist groups give speeches, and had p much nothing to do with whoever was actually harassing the people who wanted to go listen to Warren “molesting your children is ok sometimes” Farrell speak about the “myth of male power”.

now, for the answer to your question: if i am sleeping at night, i usually sleep on a twin bed from IKEA for 8 hours with the window open unless it is unusually hot or cold outside.

Carles Rodrigo

The hands of a 19th-century suicide victim at St Bart’s Pathology Museum, London. Via Lindsey Fitzharris, author and creator of The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice,